Vilnius University (Vilniaus Universitetas) is the most renown and prestigious university in Lithuania. Founded in 1579 it is the oldest university in the Eastern part of Europe. The University of Vilnius has 12 faculties, 7 research institutes, and 7 study and research centers including “Gender Studies Centre”. These include specialists with vast and varied experience in many fields of science, economic and technology development at the international, national and regional levels. Researchers at Vilnius University are increasingly engaged in Lithuanian, EU, NATO and other international scientific programmes, such as the EU 7th Framework Programme, COST, EUREKA, etc. VU coordinated regional Baltic States EC FP6 project “Baltic States Network: Women in sciences and HT” (BASNET) and are coordinating FP7 SAPGERIC project  ( aimed at organizing LT presidency Conference “Structural change promoting gender equality in research organizations”.

Vilnius University

Persons involved

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dalia Šatkovskienė

GEIRICA project coordinator

The project coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dalia Šatkovskienė is an internationally known physicist. She graduated from the department of elementary particles of the Moscow State University. Prof. D. Šatkovskienė has more than 130 scientific publications and is the author of 4 textbooks in physics. Since 2004, she has evaluated EC FP6 programmes in physics and worked as an Independent Observer for the EC FP7 programme. She initiated and coordinated the FP6 project “Baltic States Network: Women in sciences and HT” and FP7 project “Structural change promoting gender equality in research organizations” (SAPGERIC). Since 2008 she is the President of the BASNET Forumas and member of the Administrative Board of European Platform for Women Scientists (EPWS). In 2008 she was awarded with the American Physical Society Marshak award. She participates in the COST project "genderSTE" and is MC member. Prof. Šatkovskienė strongly contributed to implementing gender mainstreaming policy in the Baltic States region.

Aurelija Novelskaitė

Aurelija Novelskaitė

Aurelija Novelskaitė was awarded a PhD in sociology in 2003. Since 2001 gender in science topic is the main one among other A. Novelskaite’ research interests and social activities: in 2007 she worked at Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies with L. Husu as a KONE fellow, participated in development, leaded and worked as researcher in several empirical research projects with direct focus on gender in science issues (both national and EU scope such as FW6, EURIDICE), (co-)authored a collective monograph and number of research papers; in 2007 she took active part in development of BASNET’s Strategy for Women in Sciences and Higher Technologies in the Baltic States and Strategy for Women’s and Men’s Equality in Science in Lithuania updated in 2012 in scope of national project LYMOS. She also took part in implementation FP7 SAPGERIC project in 2013.