The Aims Of The Sapgeric Project

The SAPGERIC project aims at organizing the LT presidency conference “Structural change promoting gender equality in research organizations”.

The Main Goal Of The Sapgeric Conference

The main goal of the conference is to reflect the current state of activities at EU level targeted for promoting gender equality in research institutions and enhance the effective dialogue and knowledge sharing between academia, research institutions, funding agencies, researchers, policy makers and society.

The Concept of the Conference

The concept of the conference includes three closely related aspects: political, institutional and “scientific” covering different areas of activity: policy making, governmental, institutional and specific role of scientific society and having different tasks and challenges.

The conference is going to: offer the platform for stakeholders for sharing and learning from the best practices gained in promoting gender equality in research; provide the input to European strategyand sustainability to perpetuate the results and reflect on how the stakeholders should collaborate within

EC Support And Project Coordination

The project is supported by the European Commission under the FP7 Capacities SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY programme grant to Vilnius University Responsible for project implementation unit -VU Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy

Project coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dalia Satkovskiene

Contacts: Vilnius University Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy A. Goštauto g. 12, 01108 Vilnius, Lithuania, E-mail:

In Priorities Context Of The Lithuanian Presidency Of The Council Of The European Union

The LT presidency priorities allows to broaden the frame of EU gender mainstreaming policy in research offering the possibility to include gender issues into running international and regional EU programmes closely concerned with research activities.

During the conference the Recommendations to EU Council on the structural changes promoting gender equality in research organizations will be adopted. It will contribute to the continuation of conference tasks and objectives in the post project period and ensuring the sustainability to perpetuate the conference results by deeper involving stakeholders and Academia from Member States through participation in new COST activities, EEA countries and Lithuanian bilateral collaboration in the field as well Horizon 2020 activities.