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SAPGERIC 2013 – November 21-22, 2013

 Structural Change Promoting Gender Equality in Research Organisations

The high level international conference “Structural Change Promoting Gender Equality in Research Organisations” will be held in Vilnius, on November 21-22, under the auspices of the Lithuanian Presidency to the EU Council. The conference is organized by Vilnius University and co-funded by European Commission. The President of the Republic of Lithuania H. E. Dalia Grybauskaitė is patronizing the event. More than 250 participants from European countries and beyond are expected to come together and exchange on structural changes for gender equality.

 Conference description

The fast development of knowledge based economies claim a revision of the role and place of science in society and consequently of the science policy. Gender equality in science is a major challenge when implementing ambitious strategies towards the creation of competitive economics based on scientific achievements. Enlarging the pool of talents in science through the inclusion of more women researchers is of high significance. However, in spite of gender equality strategies, the European research, as well as other research areas in the world, still suffers from a considerable loss and inefficient use of highly skilled women.

Structural changes promoting gender equality in research organisations are seen as one of the key success factors for the Europe 2020 strategy and its flagship initiative “Innovation Union”. The Lithuanian presidency conference “Structural Change Promoting Gender Equality in Research Organisations” aims to enable and enhance the dialogue and knowledge sharing between all stakeholders taking part in the implementation of the 2020 strategy assuring gender equality in research: policy makers, executives from research funding agencies, academia, research institutions and scientific society in general.

Among the invited speakers it is planned to have high level policy makers coming from a variety of institutions, i.e. the European Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the European Commission, high level policy makers from EU Member States, representatives from other non-European countries, professional scientific societies and prestige scientific award committees, research funding agencies, executives of research institutions and universities and distinguished scientists from all over the Europe.

Contact us

Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy

A. Goštauto St. 12, 01108 Vilnius, LITHUANIA

SAPGERIC project coordinator and
Chair of International Programme Committee
Assoc. Prof. Dalia Satkovskiene

Conference e-mail :


For programme issues: +370 68676613
For conference logistics: +370 69821702
Fax: +37052732039

The Conference foresees

  • Gender equality in science

    Presentations of points of view of the largest research areas on the challenges met by science in this globalized world and science policies including gender equality in science problem to tackle them.

  • Supporting gender balanced science

    Discussions and analysis of political measures supporting gender balanced science for increasing the quality and relevance of the research.

  • Engagement in partnership

    Discussions over more efficient engagement in partnership between funding agencies, research organisations and universities for fostering cultural and institutional change on gender.

  • Measuring the impact

    Discussions over monitoring and measuring methods on the impact of activities implementing structural change promoting gender equality in research institutions.

  • Next steps

    Sharing best practices and defining next steps in implementing structural change in research organizations promoting gender equality.