People Supporting Recommendations

We have proposed recommendation changes in Vilnius confernce: If you agree and have not signed to show your aproval you can do it here.

Below you can find a list of people who already aproved the recommendation.

  1. Dr. Véronique Ezratty From France
  2. Prof. Yvonne Galligan From UK
  3. Prof. Claudine Hermann From France
  4. Prof. Francoise Combes From France
  5. Dr. Sylvie Alice BONNAMY From FRANCE
  6. Ms. Marie-Paule Grossetete From France
  7. Dr. Marina Kvaskoff From USA
  8. Prof. Marie-Claude Gaudel From France
  9. Dr. Veronique Pierron-Bohnes From France
  10. Prof. Martine Ben Amar From France
  11. Dr. Helene Perrin From France
  12. Dr. Sandra TURNER From France
  13. Dr. Daniel Blanc From France
  14. Ms. christine CLUZEL From France
  15. Dr. Brigitte Mühlenbruch From Germany
  16. Dr. Marie-aude Méasson From France
  17. Dr. Yasmin Robson From UK
  18. Prof. Dalia Satkovskiene From Lithuania
  19. Prof. Ines Sanchez de Madariaga From Spain
  20. Prof. Patricia ARNAULT From France
  21. Dr. Isabelle Pianet From France
  22. Dr. Yvonne POURRAT From France
  23. Dr. Dora Groo From Hungary
  24. Prof. Fairouz Malek From France
  25. Dr. Valentina Ilija Janev From Serbia
  26. Dr. Cecile Appert From France
  27. Dr. Agnė Jurčiukonytė From Lithuania
  28. Prof. simone gilgenkrantz From france
  29. Dr. Cornelis Jacominus van der Beek From France
  30. Prof. Isabelle Dorche From France
  31. Prof. Evelyne Nakache From France
  32. Prof. Evelyne Nakache From France
  33. Dr. Carolyn Anne Carr From UK
  34. Prof. Claire DUPAS-HAEBERLIN From FRANCE
  35. Ms. Ann Marks From UK
  36. Ms. Nathalie Van de Wiele From France
  37. Prof. Eithne McCabe From Ireland
  38. Prof. MOREAU Marie-Ange From France
  39. Dr. Martine PINCON-RAYMOND From France
  40. Ms. Svandis Benediktsdottir Vestmann From Norway
  41. Ms. Svandis Benediktsdottir Vestmann From Norway
  42. Prof. Adrian Ottewill From Ireland
  43. Dr. Gillian Butcher From UK
  44. Dr. Lina Persechini From Ireland
  45. Prof. Werner Josef Blau From Ireland
  46. Prof. Shane Bergin From Ireland
  47. Dr. Nick Whyborn From Chile
  48. Prof. Maria-Cristina Manzanares-Céspedes From Spain
  49. Dr. Elizabeth Mary Griffin From Canada
  50. Dr. Ana Puy From Spain
  51. Ms. arriaga florez mercedes From spain
  52. Ms. Fatima Arranz From España
  53. Dr. David William Robson From UK
  54. Dr. Giovanna Fragneto From France
  55. Dr. Nedjma Bendiab From France
  56. Ms. Nicole Gisèle Roinel From France
  57. Prof. Eva Pebay-Peyroula From France
  58. Dr. Miriam Anna Mosing From Sweden
  59. Ms. Marcela Linková From Czech Republic
  60. Prof. Peter Munk Christiansen From Denmark
  61. Dr. Ineke Klinge From the Netherlands
  62. Dr. Stéphanie Godier From France
  63. Dr. Lucia Martinelli From Italia
  64. Dr. maria luigia paciello From italy
  65. Prof. Flora De Pablo From Spain
  66. Dr. Andreas Wildberger From Austria
  67. Prof. Maria Pilar López-Sancho From Spain
  68. Prof. Eileen Drew From Ireland
  69. Ms. Samantha Binding From UK
  70. Dr. Anna Drury From Ireland
  71. Ms. Inmaculada Gil Peña From España
  72. Ms. Jasone Astola-Madariaga From Spain
  73. Ms. Magda Mercader From Spain
  74. Prof. Ana María Alonso-Zarza From Spain
  76. Dr. Rosa María Rosa From Spain
  77. Prof. Grazina Tautvaisiene From Lithuania
  78. Dr. Elena Molina From SPAIN
  79. Ms. Pilar Mata From Spain
  80. Dr. Nermesio Heredia From Spain
  81. Mr. Angel Salazar From Spain
  82. Dr. Inés Soler Julve From España
  83. Ms. Carmen Tomás From España
  84. Mr. Pablo Sastre Olmos From Spain
  85. Prof. Teresa Rees From UK
  86. Ms. Maya Widmer From Switzerland
  87. Dr. Enrique Díaz Martínez From Spain
  88. Mr. Alain SCHUHL From France
  89. Dr. Ines Galindo From Spain
  90. Dr. María Antonia Díez Balda From Spain
  91. Dr. María Antonia Díez Balda From Spain
  92. Prof. Doina Balahur From ROMANIA
  93. Dr. Mathilde DUBESSET From France
  94. Dr. Montserrat Palau From Catalonia
  95. Dr. Susan E. Ridgway From USA
  96. Mr. Cristina Armas From Chile
  97. Mr. Cristina Armas From Chile
  98. Dr. Asuncion Riaza From Spain
  99. Prof. Gustav Amberg From Sweden
  100. Dr. Javier Andrey Andrés From France
  101. Mr. Benito A. de la Morena Carretero Benito From Spain
  102. Dr. Martina Knoop From France
  103. Ms. García-Maroto Olmos Paloma From España
  104. Prof. Richard Langlais From Sweden
  105. Ms. Anne-Charlott Callerstig From Sweden
  106. Dr. Maria Bostenaru Dan From Romania
  107. Mr. Klaus Schroeder From Denmark
  108. Dr. Petra Verdonk From The Netherlands
  109. Ms. Inés Novella Abril From Spain
  110. Dr. Victoria Aurora Ferrer-Perez From Spain
  111. Dr. Nelli Kampouri From Greece
  112. Ms. Asrun Matthiasdottir From Iceland
  113. Dr. Panayiota Chrysochou From Cyprus
  114. Dr. Iveta Reinholde From Latvia
  115. Dr. Curt Rice From Norway
  116. Prof. Ana Maria Lobo From PORTUGAL
  117. Dr. Rose Marie GALERA From France
  118. Prof. Andrea Peto From Hungary
  119. Ms. Inês Lopes Moreira From Portugal
  120. Dr. Liisa Marjatta Horelli From Finland
  121. Ms. Carmen Rodriguez From Spain
  122. Prof. Chia Longman From Belgium
  124. Prof. Jennifer Louise Martin From Australia
  125. Ms. Dorottya Redai From Hungary
  126. Ms. francesca assennato From ITALY
  127. Dr. Anna-Karin Bonamy From Sweden
  128. Dr. Carmen Córdoba-Jabonero From Spain
  129. Dr. Ora Matushansky From France
  130. Ms. Aino-Maija Hiltunen From Finland
  131. Dr. Živilė Ruželė From Lithuania
  132. Ms. Kristine Helen Falgren From Iceland
  133. Prof. Cecilia Castaño Collado From Spain
  134. Dr. Gyorgyi Horvath From Hungary
  135. Mr. Ana M. González Ramos From Spain
  136. Dr. Jasminka Hasic Telalovic From Bosnia and Herzegovina
  137. Prof. Marit Westergaard From Norday
  138. Prof. Marit Westergaard From Norday
  139. Prof. Elena Beltran From Spain
  140. Prof. Susan Jane Buckingham From UK
  141. Prof. Nóra Séllei From Hungary
  142. Dr. KARIMA BOUDAOUD From France
  144. Ms. Borbála Juhász From HUngary
  145. Prof. Renée Anne GRILLOT From France
  146. Mr. Anna Mag From Budapest
  147. Ms. Dorottya Karsay From Hungary
  148. Ms. Kriszta Hoffmann From Hungary
  149. Mr. Eszter Kulcsar From Hungary
  150. Ms. Gitta Rajnai From Hungary
  151. Dr. Trevor Rimmer From United Kingdom
  152. Prof. Ana M. FALU From Argentina
  153. Ms. Edina Kovács From Hungary
  154. Dr. Sybille Krummacher From Germany
  155. Dr. Sybille Krummacher From Germany
  156. Prof. Alexandra Bitusikova From Slovakia
  157. Dr. Andrea Ritter From Hungary
  158. Prof. Miklós Hadas From Hungary
  160. Dr. Judit Friedrich From Hungary
  161. Ms. Tünd Pilcsik From Hungary
  162. Ms. Beata Danielne Toth Beata Toth From Edelény
  163. Ms. Andrea Gyenese From Hungary
  164. Dr. Juan Martin From Spain
  165. Dr. Alicija Kupliauskiene From Lithuania
  166. Ms. Györgyi Tóth From Hungary
  168. Prof. Iva Rinčić From Croatia
  169. Prof. Sofia Morgado From Portugal
  170. Dr. Sveva Avveduto From Italy
  171. Dr. Dorota D. Kamrowska From Poland
  172. Prof. Elisabete Freire From Portugal
  173. Prof. Regina Salvador From Portugal
  174. Dr. Rachel Palmen From Spain
  175. Prof. Carlos Alberto Alho From Portugal
  176. Dr. Anne Pépin From FRANCE
  177. Dr. Marella de Bruijn From United Kingdom
  178. Dr. Valéria Szekeres From Hungary
  179. Dr. Katalin Kovács From Hungary
  180. Prof. Frank Othengrafen From Germany
  181. Ms. Giovanna Avellis From Italia
  182. Dr. Eduarda Ferreira From Portugal
  183. Dr. Cláudia Maria Lima Vieira dos Santos Múrias From Portugal
  184. Prof. Thomas R. Matta From Switzerland
  185. Prof. Rossella Salerno From Italia
  186. Ms. Monika Magyar From Hungary
  187. Mr. Rijad Hasic From Bosnia and Herzegovina
  188. Ms. Sandra Garrido From Portugal
  190. Ms. Florence Montenoise From France
  191. Prof. Gülsün Sağlamer From Turkey
  192. Dr. Heather Ann Williams From UK
  193. Prof. Maria Manuela Raposo Magalhães From Portugal
  194. Prof. Alison E. Woodward From Belgium
  195. Mr. Basile sircoglou From France
  196. Prof. Luis Manuel Moreno From Portugal
  197. Dr. Marie Yvonne Perrin From France
  198. Dr. Marie Yvonne Perrin From France
  199. Dr. Kalypso Sepou From Cyprus
  200. Dr. Kalypso Sepou From Cyprus
  201. Prof. Jadranka Gvozdanovic From Germany
  202. Prof. Cecília Maria Neves Delgado From Portugal
  203. Ms. Ivana Kypetova From Slovakia
  204. Dr. Eunice Macedo From Portugal
  205. Dr. Maria Jesús Matilla From Spain
  206. Mr. Cosmin Manuel da Silva From Portugal
  207. Prof. Barbara Zibell From Germany
  208. Mr. Virginija Stefanija Sidlauskiene From Lithuania
  209. Prof. Virginija Stefanija Sidlauskiene From Lithuania
  210. Prof. Gabriella Ilonszki From Hungary
  211. Ms. Zsófia Aczél From Hungary
  212. Prof. Brigitte Dominique Plateau From France
  213. Ms. Céline Ternon From France
  214. Prof. Karen Morrow From UK
  215. Ms. Patrícia Alexandra Lopes From Portugal
  216. Prof. Dorottya Szikra From Hungary
  217. Prof. Gerd Karin Bjørhovde From Norway
  218. Mr. Zoraida Martinez Martinez From France
  219. Dr. Rachele Radaelli From Italy
  220. Dr. Heini Ikävalko From Finland
  221. Dr. Maty Konte From Netherlands
  222. Dr. Cécile Martha From France
  223. Prof. Randi Carolyn Deguilhem From France
  224. Prof. Randi Carolyn Deguilhem From France
  225. Dr. Giovanna Trevisi From Italy
  226. Prof. Liisa Husu From Sweden; Finland
  227. Dr. Luisa M Sandalio From Spain
  228. Dr. Luisa M Sandalio From Spain
  229. Dr. Luisa M Sandalio From Spain
  230. Dr. Luisa M Sandalio From Spain
  231. Dr. Luisa M Sandalio From Spain
  232. Dr. Luisa M Sandalio From Spain
  233. Dr. Luisa M Sandalio From Spain
  234. Dr. Gabriella Esposito De Vita From Italy
  235. Prof. Yaelle Cacho From España
  236. Ms. Aurora López From España
  237. Mr. Alayrach Martínez Miguel From Spain
  238. Dr. María Elena de Cos From Spain
  239. Prof. MariaNadia Postorino From Italy
  240. Mr. Julio Portela From Spain
  241. Dr. Chris Benn From Spain
  242. Dr. Aurelija Novelskaite From Lithuania
  243. Prof. Silvana Badaloni From Italy
  244. Ms. Yuliya Vishneuskaya From Belarus
  245. Prof. Giovannella Baggio From Italy
  246. Dr. Anita Thaler From Austria
  247. Dr. Adelheid D. Ehmke From Germany
  248. Ms. virginie dupont From france
  249. Prof. Vanda Anastácio From Portugal
  250. Prof. Vanda Anastácio From Portugal
  251. Prof. Vanda Anastácio From Portugal
  252. Prof. Vanda Anastácio From Portugal
  253. Prof. Vanda Anastácio From Portugal
  254. Dr. Juliet Webster From Spain
  255. Prof. Madalena Cunha Matos From Portugal
  256. Mr. Antonio Couso Touriño From Spain
  257. Mr. Thomas Messervey From Italy
  258. Mr. diego Reforgiato From Italy
  259. Dr. Sabine Bohne From Germany
  260. Dr. Effie Karpodini-Dimitriadi From Greece
  261. Ms. Anne Winsnes Rødland From Norway
  262. Dr. Fiona A Grennan-Jones From UK
  263. Ms. Sophie Gällnö From Switzerland
  264. Ms. Jelena Stankovic From Serbia
  266. Dr. Carey Cunningham From UK
  267. Dr. Nieves González Ramón From Netherlands
  268. Dr. Teresa Nuño Angos Nuño Angos From Spain
  269. Prof. Maria Rosa Paiva From Portugal
  270. Ms. Nicole Fouché From France
  271. Dr. Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado From Spain
  272. Dr. Inma Pastor From Spain
  273. Prof. Ana Coromoto Carvajal From Venezuela
  274. Ms. matt 93025 fPlhPhAVEADX From USA
  275. Ms. luidji 5770 zTazMBbgcFRgAZIYO From USA
  276. Dr. sally 972104 EhVeMsHkBOTymEDk From USA
  277. Dr. klark 464415 GcUmJATSpp From USA
  278. Dr. samuel 8493 utbTiDFOQI From USA
  279. Ms. Bradley 8340 yaaGYYhwSRQv From USA
  280. Dr. Bradley 6107 SaUmYQlRSGvL From USA
  281. Ms. Mark 87781 ABAbodegBWzR From USA
  282. Ms. Mark 811694 VtfOXXLrgyMpI From USA
  283. Dr. Mark 66703 nzISnQazGponlWGZ From USA
  284. Ms. Mark 969991 OwiNLIHZZbQCuSvhOk From USA
  285. Dr. Mark 39559 veIeGXfSxKIzMxKlIQ From USA
  286. Dr. Mark 6645 ZrylLxIubQLgccuJbT From USA
  287. Ms. Mark 35959 trqjHoSTPnArAyEHzid From USA
  288. Dr. gordon 788279 WVKOghesQKHs From USA
  289. Ms. Mark 4232 oNPJmuqrEcfwTLxrNib From USA
  290. Dr. Mark 72771 WFDPjzpmtCJimIP From USA
  291. Dr. Mark 52881 dQSRRzSIqQOlMUkGESm From USA
  292. Ms. JimmiXS 69649 JpfMeHRSAbkx From USA
  293. Dr. JimmiXS 22238 waWYOxDZqVdNhXiR From USA
  294. Dr. JimmiXS 1073 SRMzOYSHkwLx From USA
  295. Ms. JimmiXS 6118 quRegXKfZO From USA
  296. Ms. JimmiXS 501285 AzPrjEZmSnnhgv From USA
  297. Ms. JimmiXS 603120 CEtjUpXkBu From USA
  298. Dr. JimmiXS 30087 lUbPfkyajGIFUvD From USA
  299. Dr. JimmiXS 567267 vvrtdiMCCitCByZ From USA
  300. Dr. JimmiXS 51145 KnBmIHhALmwd From USA
  301. Dr. JimmiXS 342262 yvgLdVKwDC From USA
  302. Dr. JimmiXS 2634 VauppSaUJUAJBF From USA
  303. Ms. JimmiXS 42553 xqkUGAcTHUilAXV From USA
  304. Dr. JimmiXzSw 679438 IIHRnSeDozUhqIQ From USA
  305. Dr. JimmiXzSq 2033 OoCbcvKHEnbbPtRwz From USA
  306. Dr. Barnypok 77385 IhcSeTDaUWgf From USA
  307. Ms. JimmiNu 873226 baZoLXuNFm From USA
  308. Ms. JimmiNu 460947 aNJYhuCwFctsX From USA
  309. Dr. JimmiNi 22308 squnGhYnepoIISQBv From USA
  310. Ms. JimmiNi 5829 AsTpcHGRYY From USA
  311. Dr. GoldenTabs 2901 eqIcVdDpMoMzd From USA
  312. Dr. GoldenTabs 86053 cmihOszjScszdXwBimf From USA
  313. Ms. Barneyxcq 67252 vcPNCoSXEoBqGyMw From USA
  314. Dr. Barneyxcq 37559 tzNDLegWWyB From USA
  315. Ms. Judi 54293 AXnhXOeKpMwUwUJI From USA
  316. Ms. Judix 41414 FSGHsmxWbSmM From USA
  317. Ms. Judix 7831 cLaBNZfiVTYC From USA
  318. Dr. Judix 9965 zwihgIlkFlOjJu From USA
  319. Dr. ukjuedtnkdf 993743 fsoHqOOXuhTT From USA
  320. Dr. swfemnc 44619 HfCEVfPhdoLhDG From USA
  321. Dr. Merziuz 69247 jgdpUkcMJgCcPC From USA
  322. Dr. Merziuzi 2723 wRrENoeGQo From USA
  323. Ms. Merziuziy 64434 JjvFkEzqZFIrKb From USA
  324. Dr. johnanz 688115 oxIvlphaEcnDlvsr From USA